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Hunger Games

I finally gave in to all the hype about the Hunger Games trilogy. I dove into the first novel expecting it  not to be anywhere as good as all the talk.  Now  I can’t put them down. I’m halfway through Mockingjay and can not stop! The constant suspense keeps me turning pages to find out who will survive, will they get anything to eat, what will the Capital do next…? Both of the main characters,  Katniss and Peeta, are very likeable in their own ways so how do you choose a winner from the two? The bigger question is, do we want a future like this? With cage wrestling, ultimate fighting, street violence, bullying, will our young people become so insensitive to violence that this kind of future is possible? It’s a very scary view of where we might be headed. Keep up with what the young people are reading and you will have something very interesting to talk about.

I don’t want to give anything away but will say the book has plenty of twists and turns and if you want some easy summer reading that will take you away to another time and place, this could very well fill the bill.




















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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Honestly, I can’t remember ever reading this before. It amazes me when I find a wonderful story that I should have read and  somehow to avoid it !

I’m enjoying  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn so much. I love the true to life people that I can identify with and enjoy it even more because I am very familiar with the streets and neighborhoods mentioned in the book. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the world through a child’s eyes and I especially appreciate reading this  book as I am presently working with children who live in the city and come from less affluent neighborhoods. Francie’s take on things really speaks to me. I hope you will enjoy it too. Perhaps this could be this year’s “book to movie.”

Now, my news: I will be retiring on May 31. I will miss the library very much and don’t know what will happen with this blog. I have heard that I will not be replaced until July, so we’ll see. It has been a pleasure working with you all and I expect I will become a participant in the Book Klatch in the future.


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The Forgotten Garden

Despite the format that Kate Morton chose to write this story, once I got into it, I have to say I truly enjoyed it. She kept me wondering what Nell’s background really was and why it was kept such a secret and why someone would take her away as they did. I was very intrigued by the garden and the maze. Can’t imagine living with such a romantic and enchanting garden in my own backyard.

This Mother’s Day my husband and I went to Sycamore Hills Garden in Marcellus, NY. For a little while I felt like I was at Blackhurst Manor in Eliza’s garden and maze (we got lost in the maze at Sagamore and couldn’t find our way to the center). It was magical! Hope you enjoy The Forgotten Garden as much as I did.

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The Forbidden Garden

If you have not started reading”The Forbidden Garden” you are unaware of the format. At first it might be a little daunting, I was really put-off by it, but once you get going the dates at the start of each chapter and the names help you keep the story straight. That said, this is not one of my favorite writing styles and as a result I am finding this story less pleasurable to read than I would have if the author had taken a more straight forward approach.  Let me know what you think???

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The Good Earth – a Wonderful Story

I loved reading The Good Earth. It’s such a timeless story with lessons as valuable today as when they were written. Although happy when he was a hard working farmer, Wang Lung aspired to become one of the wealthy landowners he despised; only to discover that when separated from the land, life did not have the richness and beauty it once had.

So beautifully written and a heartbreaking depiction of what life was like for the people of China in the early 1900s.

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The Good Earth

I finally got back to work on April 4th. It has been a long time and I have truly missed everything about the library. I attended the last Klatch meeting as a participant and that was really strange; how freeing it was to be just part of the group. I hope I didn’t behave badly!

So this month we are reading Peal S. Buck’s classic, “The Good Earth.”  Many in the group have read this before but I honestly do not think I have. So far I am enjoying the story very much.  What can we say about a novel that has been read and beloved by so many; we will see…

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I’m Back (almost)

I had my surgery (labyrinthectomy) on February 28 and am doing much better. For a while I could not focus on the computer;  it was too much of a strain on my eyes. But, that has cleared up and my biggest challenge is just general balance issues. So, I am doing a lot of walking and eye exercises and hope to be back to work before the next Klatch meeting.

I’m also able to read for long periods of time again so am “eating-up” East of Eden. I’ve never seen the movie and am tempted to borrow and watch it,  but will wait until after finishing the book. I try to picture Cathy (Kate) and all I can see in my head is the girl from the Exorcist! I’m sure Cathy is not that obviously wicked but I think that Steinbeck’s question about people being born evil, just as some are born with physical defects, is an interesting question for discussion…

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