I’m Back (almost)

I had my surgery (labyrinthectomy) on February 28 and am doing much better. For a while I could not focus on the computer;  it was too much of a strain on my eyes. But, that has cleared up and my biggest challenge is just general balance issues. So, I am doing a lot of walking and eye exercises and hope to be back to work before the next Klatch meeting.

I’m also able to read for long periods of time again so am “eating-up” East of Eden. I’ve never seen the movie and am tempted to borrow and watch it,  but will wait until after finishing the book. I try to picture Cathy (Kate) and all I can see in my head is the girl from the Exorcist! I’m sure Cathy is not that obviously wicked but I think that Steinbeck’s question about people being born evil, just as some are born with physical defects, is an interesting question for discussion…


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