Back from vacation

Well, I’ve returned from vacation and finally getting back into the proper sleep  pattern. While I was gone, I read Water for Elephants. Despite it’s brutality, I couldn’t stop reading; I had to know how everything worked out. I made it through the book and I have to say my favorite thing about it was the ending. After reading this book, I have absolutely no desire to see the movie. I have heard that the movie is not much like the book but I don’t want to take a chance. It’s too much for me.

Then I started listening to The Other Bolyen Girl. Again I can’t stop although I’m feeling like it will never end. The king is a shallow, selfish, dolt; Ann is a beautiful, smart, manipulator; and I am so happy I did not live in their time and place. I haven’t finished and I have no idea how much more there is because I am listening on a Playaway. The sexual desires and deprevity of those in power and seeking to be in power has not changed a bit, ie. Newt, John Edwards,  Senator (now Mr.) Weiner, etc.

Tomorrow we meet to discuss The Paris Wife. Hope you can join us at 11 am in the Sargent Meeting Room.


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