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East of Eden

The next book on our list is East of Eden by John Steinbeck which we will be discussing on March 22. Book Klatch friends, I have several books and recordings saved for you behind the desk. Please pick them up as soon as possible. This one is 601 pages long. I’ve read up to page 45 and so far am hooked!


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Back from vacation

Well, I’ve returned from vacation and finally getting back into the proper sleep¬† pattern. While I was gone, I read Water for Elephants. Despite it’s brutality, I couldn’t stop reading; I had to know how everything worked out. I made it through the book and I have to say my favorite thing about it was the ending. After reading this book, I have absolutely no desire to see the movie. I have heard that the movie is not much like the book but I don’t want to take a chance. It’s too much for me.

Then I started listening to The Other Bolyen Girl. Again I can’t stop although I’m feeling like it will never end. The king is a shallow, selfish, dolt; Ann is a beautiful, smart, manipulator; and I am so happy I did not live in their time and place. I haven’t finished and I have no idea how much more there is because I am listening on a Playaway. The sexual desires and deprevity of those in power and seeking to be in power has not changed a bit, ie. Newt, John Edwards,¬† Senator (now Mr.) Weiner, etc.

Tomorrow we meet to discuss The Paris Wife. Hope you can join us at 11 am in the Sargent Meeting Room.

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